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Bluebell Waterways Project

The Land Development Agency (LDA), in partnership with Dublin City Council (DCC) are delighted to present ‘Bluebell Waterways’, a project in the heart of Bluebell, Dublin 12 which will lead to a planning application for a new residential development aiming to provide much-needed social & affordable homes and community amenities.

Our Public Consultation Phase on the Draft Plans is now complete and we are in the process of producing the Consultation Report in advance of a planning application. All of our consultation and engagement channels remain live to ensure the public can continue to engage on the ‘Bluebell Waterways Project’.

Where is the Bluebell Waterways Project?

The Bluebell Waterways Project is based at Lock 5 on the Grand Canal, extending to the lands directly west of Bluebell Community Centre, south of the Grand Canal, east of Canal Terrace and north of Our Lady of Wayside N.S.

An aerial photograph indicating the full extent of the site is provided below:

The lands for development not only have a long industrial heritage with the filter beds, but also hold a significant social importance for many generations of Bluebell residents. A key objective for this project is to ensure that both the social and historical legacy remains at the forefront of the project and that the  core community values and needs are allowed additional space to grow and flourish.

The Bluebell Waterways Draft Plan was
developed by the Land Development
Agency (LDA) in partnership with Dublin
City Council (DCC). These draft plans
represent a comprehensive plan for the
potential transformation of 2.8 hectares of
strategic lands located in the heart of the
vibrant community of Bluebell, Dublin 12.

Draft Plan Document - Attached as a flip book below:

Click the front cover below to view document

What are the Emerging Plans and Overall Aims?

The LDA and DCC intend to bring forward a planning application in 2024 for the Bluebell Waterways Project.


To provide new high-quality, low-energy social & affordable cost rental homes to Bluebell and to build upon the community’s vision which was first established within the Framework for Renewal 2019. The proposal will include a mix of uses, including new, high quality social & affordable cost rental homes, community spaces, a creche, landscaped public open spaces, and a green corridor linking to the future Green Way.

The cost rental homes will provide long-term rental accommodation at discounted market rates to be managed by the LDA. Further information on cost rental is available here. New high-quality, social homes will be offered firstly to residents of the Bluebell Masionettes by DCC.

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The overall design will strive to achieve new linkages and connections through the site from Bluebell Road & Bluebell Avenue through to the Grand Canal. The development will make good use of the many opportunities integral to the site, such as its positioning in the heart of a long-established existing community, local public transport links and its proximity to the canal as a potential amenity for residents. In addition, accompanying services for future residents will be provided with car parking (including car sharing options), bicycle parking and semi-private communal open spaces.


The development will provide central community spaces and will be encouraged as an activity hub, ensuring a safe place is provided for the community. The construction of new internal and external spaces designated for community, arts and cultural use within the development will support long established community services and provide opportunities for new services to emerge in the area.


Attractive green spaces, streets and play space will characterise Bluebell Waterways. Existing features such as the allotments and the canal will be protected and enhanced. A key objective of the project is to provide easy, safe access to the canal for the residents of Bluebell. It is intended that this will encourage use of the canal by the existing and new community for recreational purposes whilst also providing links to other neighbourhoods. The canal is part of a future Greenway project.

Biodiversity Net Gain is targeted on the site, with input from an ecologist being integrated into the landscape design. This means that habitats for wildlife will be left in a measurably better state than before the development. The use of Nature Based Solutions such Sustainable Urban Drainage systems will be incorporated within the streets and green spaces. These will help protect against surface water flooding and will also increase the attractiveness of new amenity spaces. New public routes will benefit all Bluebell residents by providing safe spaces for walking and recreation.


All homes at Bluebell Waterways will be certified under the Irish Green Building Council’s Home Performance Index. This means that a range of sustainability criteria are being considered and implemented in the design and construction of the homes which aim to ensure quality, healthy homes are built in a resource efficient manner, minimising waste and harm to the environment. 

There will be no fossil fuel combustion on the site. All homes will be heated by renewable energy sources which have the potential to connect to a district heating network. The building envelope will be highly energy efficient (in excess of Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standards), meaning low energy costs for residents. Current sustainability targets include water efficient fittings which will ensure that water consumption does not exceed 95 litres per person per day. This will be a low-car development. Sustainable and affordable low-carbon transport options will be prioritised including new footpaths linking to nearby public transport, new and upgraded cycleways, car-sharing facilities and extensive cycling and scooter storage.