The LDA, in partnership with DCC, are seeking to provide social and affordable homes, focusing on 4 key objectives: Homes, Connections, Community and Sustainability.

The LDA is a commercial, State-sponsored body that has been created to coordinate land within State control for more optimal uses where appropriate, with a focus on the provision of housing. The LDA have been asked by Dublin City Council (DCC) to partner with them for the development of the Bluebell Waterways Project.

Cost Rental is a new housing tenure that was created under the Affordable Housing Act 2021. It offers a long-term, secure rental option that will contribute to the development of a sustainable housing market in Ireland which provides choice across all tenures. The rent on these units is based on the cost of building, managing, and maintaining the homes.

Please refer to the LDA’s Cost Rental website for full eligibility criteria: https://lda.ie/affordable-homes/lda-cost-rental

Applications are not open at this time, keep an eye on the Project Website for updates: https://bluebellwaterways.ie/

The mix of apartments will be developed over the course of design and development.

To lodge planning in 2024.

The number of homes will be developed over the course of design and development.

Community Amenities

Yes that will be developed over the course of the project.

Not known at this stage of the planning process.

There will be new outdoor playing spaces.

Age friendly design is being considered throughout the design process with reference to guidance issued by the National Disability Authority and DoHLGH Housing Options for our Ageing Population with 25% of the apartments being designed specifically as “Universal Design” apartments.

Sustainability / Environmental Impact

All the homes will be certified to the Irish Green Building Council’s “Home Performance Index”.  HPI certification. Mandatory requirements are set in the most important areas, such as water efficiency, ventilation, thermal bridging, and enhanced airtightness. Further indicators are assessed under the section headings Environment; Health and Well-being; Economics; Quality assurance and Sustainable Location.

Careful plant selection with varieties and pollinator planting schemes will be planted, enhancing the current biodiversity. This will be tracked under a HPI indicator. The hard landscape solutions consider SUDS requirements and encourage free drainage.

Transport / Car Parking

The proposed development application will require/involve the preparation of a Transportation Assessment Report (including Traffic Surveys of local roads upon which an assessment will be based), the preparation of a Public Transport Capacity & Demand Study and a Mobility Management Plan for the scheme. These studies will address the local infrastructure and its ability to accommodate the proposed development.

This will be developed over the course of the design.

This will be developed over the course of the design. Cycle parking and sustainable modes of transport will be prioritised within the development.

Any application for development on the site will require and be accompanied by a Construction/Construction Traffic Management Plan. This will address and identify issues that may arise during construction, based on an anticipated construction programme.


DCC will manage the social and the cost-rental homes will be managed by the LDA.

All cost rental rents are set at a level below the market rents in the area where the scheme is located. The LDA website will contain details for all forthcoming cost rental housing schemes and instructions as to how to apply for a home.


Plans will be available in the coming weeks, once the preliminary engagement sessions are held with the respective stakeholders and community representatives.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the project proposals can contact the Community Liaison Office by the following contact options:

Website: https://bluebellwaterways.ie/

Email:  community@bluebwellwaterways.ie  

Phone line: + 353 (01) 410 2420

Postal address: The Land Development Agency, 2nd Floor, Ashford House, Tara Street, Dublin 2

There will be key meetings held with the LDA/DCC and community groups/interested parties to review details of the design as it progresses. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

The LDA can provide printed copies of the plans to members of the public who have no IT access and the LDA can meet and talk through the plans if requested. If members of the community require printed copies, they can write to the LDA at the aforementioned postal address or call us on + 353 (01) 410 2420. Information sessions will be held throughout the course of this phase of the project, that will not require IT access.  

Throughout various stages of the development and design of the project.    

FAQs will be updated as community engagement progresses, please check back for updates.